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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  June 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the weather center with the forecast. just a matter of time when you have this weather. steve: it's hot and humid. late day afternoon hours, we have a few thunderstorms beginning to develop. we'll talk about those in a second. if you are plans outdoors, 91 at reagan national. 86 at dulles. but the heat index what it feels like out there close to 100 degrees. it feels like 105 in fredericksburg. lower 80's the further west you go. scanning the skies with the doppler radar. it's quiet and dry. right now inside the beltway. we will look for conditions to improve. get worse to the west of us. as we head through the next couple of hours or so. this is what is going on in terms of the forecast. our-by-hour. we are talking about temperatures falling to the 80's by 11:00 at night. we will back in 70's by early tomorrow morning. a cool down coming up in a few minutes. jonathan: steve, thanks. have you haven't already, be sure to sign up for text alerts about the weather, traffic and also with breaking news. go to
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enter your cell phone number. kimberly: well, we have been talking about it all afternoon. a rare and frightening scene on one north carolina beach. two teenagers each losing an arm in shark attack. jonathan: so scary and so rare when you think about it. the teenagers recovering now but the news is worrying beach-goers. the team coverage begins with abc's elizabeth hur. elizabeth: with the eyes on the water from choppers and boats, officials in oak island north carolina are keeping vigilant to tell us that shark attacks in the area are extremely rare. >> i have not encountered in 16 years one shark attack. >> to have two almost in the exact same place -- >> completely out of the ordinary. elizabeth: after two attacks in less than two hours, two teens doctors say face a long recovery after losing limbs in steep water. >> what is your emergency? >> oh, my gosh another one.
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another one. >> hello? >> shark. elizabeth: the first attack happened 4:00 sunday afternoon. a girl bit in arm and leg had to be dragged out of the water by bystanders. 90 minutes later two miles away, another call for help for a 16-year-old boy was also attacked. >> they said the head was about that big. just came. took his arm. elizabeth: officials say if not for randy and others who rushed to help the outcome could have been much worse. although unusual, there has now been six incident on the atlantic coach in two weeks. three of them in the last four days days in this north carolina county. in a. stay the mother of the 16-year-old boy helped everyone for helping to save his life. he is out of surgery and his condition has been upgraded from critical to fair. in new york elizabeth hur abc7 news. jonathan: word of the attack forcing beach-goers across the
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country to take more precautions out in water. the team coverage continues with the maryland bureau chief brad bell live in ocean city. brad have to believe this is a topic of conversation with everybody down there. brad: people are talking about it out here on the beach. what you hear the people in north carolina say they have never had it there before. here in apings city, that is -- here in ocean city that is true. there has never been a shark bite in recorded history. take a look here this evening. this is a picture perfect postcard day. people are out in the water. one of the things they tell us is they see dolphins all the times. that is for sure. but they have never seen a shark in waters. talk to lifeguards. they have never seen a shark from their position on the shares. but you are right. people are talking about it. if not expressing a lot of concern. >> my kids are out there right
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now. it's scary when they go out far. never seen or heard them close to shore. brad: never seen them or heard them close to shore. that is what they said in north carolina until the attacks happen. when we come back at 5:00 we will show you how close the sharks do get to this beach. we talk to a eck -- to a local expert who say there are sharks at all time and close to shore. jonathan: ahead for us we'll talk to dr. robert hotor who is a researcher and he tracks sharks. he will talk about how rare a shark attack is and what you can do to stay safe at the beach. kimberly: another big story. ncaa leader accused of -- naacp leader accused of lying about her race stepped down today. she made the announcement on facebook. as we report in that facebook post she did not address questions about her race. reporter: after a fire storm
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of criticism, monday embattled naacp leader rachel dolezal announced she is stepping down. the spokane chapter president posting on facebook saying this is not me quitting. this is a continuum. two hours earlier, national naacp president william-brooks refused to take questions on the controversy. >> this is important for us to focus on not reality tv but to focus on real issues, real challenges. reporter: dolezal came under the national spotlight last week after this interview with abc station kxly. >> are your parents, are they white? reporter: while dolezal would not answer the question, today on "good morning america" her parents did. >> just for the record rachel dolezal is your birth daughter? >> that is correct. reporter: they say this is what their daughter looked like growing up. blonde, fair skin and
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freckles. >> it started with the hair. then she would have probably a little darker tan. >> she has totally changed her skin color. >> dolezal has made it clear she identifies as black. >> i do consider myself to be black. reporter: but city authorities in spokane are now investigating this. whether dolezal misidentified her race on an application. >> rachel, we love you. we hope you will get the help you need. reporter: abc news san jose california. jonathan: this is a story that blew up social media. we want your thoughts on dolezal's decision to resign from the naacp. 200 comments filled the facebook page and in short order. kimberly: right.
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kimberly: you can join the conversation by going to our abc7 facebook page. jonathan: we want to tell you about breaking news in the world of politics. another big name joining the 2016 presidential race. kimberly: a name you have heard before. former florida governor jeb bush making the announcement less than an hour ago. our senior political reporter scott thuman is following this from the capitol hill bureau. scott? scott: this is technically the 11th candidate on the g.o.p. side. but he becomes the top one or two candidates. the probability wise. we want to show you live pictures coming out of miami. he has taken the podium at the
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miami-dade community. he is a two-term government. he has been able to sit on the sidelines, watching what everyone else is doing. raising money. he pulled in more in the first six minds. he is helping people rise up. let's listen for a second. >> get this back on the right side of the free enterprise and the freedom for all americans. [applause] >> i know we can fix this. because i've done it.
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there is not a reason in the world we can't grow by 4% a year. that will be my goal as president. [applause] scott: so there he is. the announcement that he is indeed running for president. the worst kept secret we have had this year in the campaign season. it with us six months ago he said he planned look into it. now we know it's official. he has a couple of big challenges. we will talk about those coming up at 6:00. for example how does he not appear to be part of a dynasty. make sure he is a break-out candidate. one speaking for himself and no longer just attaching the name bush. as well as the challenges he faces to make sure those who are conservative are okay with the moderate policy. we have clinton news coming up tonight at 6:00.
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kimberly: thank you. jonathan: now the shocking double murder in virginia and the age of the suspect police picked up is 15 years old. he is accuse of stabbing two people in a greenbrier shopping center in fredericksburg. maryland bureau has the investigation. i'm sure that got the police attention. 15 years old. >> no question. that is the attention from a lot of people out here. the 15-year-old was brought into police last night by a family member. just hours after the incident. here is what happened. police say the group of 12 men in their late 20's, and early 30's came out of jay's lounge celebrating a birthday party early sunday morning at 2:00. they walked here to the cook-out restaurant. they got in an argument with another group of 12 people. these were teenagers shortly after a stabbing took place that turned fatal. here is cell phone video taken from the inside jay's lounge. right before this attack took
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place. this happened at 2:10 sunday morning. the fredericksburg police said the groups did not know each other. this turned into a melee. a 15-year-old male started stabbing anyone nearby. killing two men. seriously injuring a third. stab wounds to the neck back torso. the injured man is 30 from stafford in stable condition. the hospital is where the other men died. >> this is sad that this happened so close. i live right here. >> we are not sure how it started to begin with. that is the one part of the pussal we haven't determined yet.
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>> police hope to get answers from the restaurant and also from the cell phone video from people in the situation. no word if other people will be charged in the case. at the moment the suspect in this case is currently being held at the rappahannock juvenile detention center and charged with two counts of first degree murder as the commonwealth attorney considers whether to charge him as an adult. live in fredericksburg, jeff goldberg. kimberly: d.c. leaders are outlining a new fight on drugs. mayor muriel bowser and chief shirley maclaine -- and police chief cathy lanier is moving away from targeting the low-level drug users to arresting the suppliers. >> we have identified the top five threats for us. the top three drugs, p.c.p. synthetic drugs.
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we are going to go after those aggressively. go after the supply. kimberly: earlier the district legalized small amount of marijuana. however, selling the drug and smoking in public remain illegal. jonathan: coming up for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the prison employee accused of helping two killers escape appeared in court. >> a hit-and-run driver leaves a boy in a neighborhood and a neighborhood up in arms. i'll tell you about it in a moment. >> find out why the teachers are staging a s
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kimberly: a developing story now outside the little rock air force base in arkansas. service member shot and wounded an armed man trying to get past the security gates. the base released a statement saying that the man is in critical condition. a bomb squad was also called in to examine an s.u.v. parked near the main gate. the air force base was put on lock down for several hours. but has been since lifted. jonathan: former new orleans saints player darren sharper pleaded guilty to rape in louisiana. this move completes a series of pleas in four states.
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the cases came about from allegation that the former nfl player drugged and sexually assaulted women in louisiana california, arizona, nevada. formal sentencing is pending. the deal calls for sharper to serve at least nine years in prison. kimberly: the archbishop of st. paul, minnesota, and a deputy bishop resigned amid charges of covering up sexual abuse. pope francis accepted the rescission -- res cig nations -- resignations. the prosecutors say they turned a "blind eye" to a report of a pedophile priest convicted of molesting two boys. jonathan: the search is on for a driver of a minivan who ran down a teenager riding a bicycle and side-swiped a car in southeast washington this morning. kimberly: it happened near proud and nicholson off pennsylvania avenue. stephen tschida spoke with neighbors there. concerns it might happen
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again. stephen: she looked out the window and she saw a boy 13 years old. his mangled bicycle next to him. he staggered to get to his feet. the neighbors raced to call him. >> made him stay where he was until the ambulance came. the ambulance came and they took him and put him on the stretcher and put him in ambulance. stephen: a van that struck the boy also sideswiped the car leaving it with cashes ail long the driver's side. when asked what happened the boy said he was on the way to school when the van hit him. >> for a person to hit a child and leave the scene that is not any good at all. >> people drive fast here. >> they barely stop. they keep going. >> some wor it's a matter of time before someone else is
4:19 pm
struck along the stretch. >> of course it worries me. this is a school there. >> so the search is on for the blue van. and the hit-and-run driver. stephen tschida, abc7 news. kimberly: another child taken to the hospital after being hit by a car in the district in 1300 of upshire street outside powell licks in northwest. in this case, the car stayed on the scene. the boy is treated for serious but non-life threatening injuries. jonathan: time to check on the traffic situation. jamie sullivan has details. how is it moving? jamie: at a slow pace. we'll start there. we have a crash. this is on the b.w. parkway. the commute to baltimore before route 100. you can see the yellow line. we are slow and a 4.5-mile stretch getting on the b.w. parkway from 198 closer to laurel for route so 0.
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the option for you as an oler thenate is take 95. i know it will be heavy but that is a good option for right now. the inner and the outer loop at a slow pace. we move to the maps, let's talk about how slow we see the traffic. zooming in. in virginia. if for you working your way past the toll road on the brakes. we are in the teens. outer loop is 55. the inner loop we see a red line. let's look in the area of bethesda. talk about silver spring. in this area we could see volume. no crashes on the interstate now. the normal corn investigation.
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back to you. jonathan: one thing you didn't see a lot is people with the windows open. too hot. kimberly: right! steve: the heat and the humidity, we thought we'd have a little bit of a break. but not so much. wednesday, a day and a half. kimberly: hang in there. steve: then it is back at the end of the week. we will talk about that. outside we go. clouds. and thunderstorms. well west of d.c. nothing is warn on right now. should they become severe. look for the heavy downpours and the potential for gusty winds. temperature at the reagan national airport. 93 degrees. winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. look at the heat index. 102. that is the feels-like temperature. the dew point levels are at the 70's. if we get them to the lower 60's it will feel better out there. that won't be until wednesday. 86 in gaithersburg. 88 at dulles. heat index makes it feel hotter than that. 103 for the feels-like in
4:22 pm
fredericksburg. 98 in frederick, maryland. due point in the lower 70's. it's sticky and uncomfortable. doppler radar, showers and thunderstorms. well north to the west of us. for right now this is dry. head to the north and the west toward frederick county. the showers and the hier downpour. nothing has become severe. but should any of the storms become severe heavy rain around gusty winds. that is the culprit. everything is moving off toward the east. we head through the evening hours. they should diminish with the storm activity. it will stay warm and humid. winds are out of the west at 4-8 miles per hour. tomorrow is another hot day. 7:00 in the morning we are talking middle 70's. noontime, upper 850's. heat index in the lower 90's. by 5:00, 93 degrees. with the feels-like temperature in the middle to the upper 90's. the extended outlook. a cooldown.
4:23 pm
if you want to call it that with the lower humidity. upper 80's on thursday. this cool front that is going to move through tomorrow night, it moves back northward. this will push temperatures to upper 80's to near 90 on friday. hot and humid next weekend to next week. kimberly: spring. steve: a lot of people was complaining when it was 65 degrees. we walk in today with a security guard. it's too hot! >> i used to worry about complaining about the heat and the humidity and i saw an older woman walking with two canes. no more whining. steve: a lot of people love it. kimberly: coming up next on abc7 news at 4:00, a prison employee finding herself in handcuffs. what we are learning about the plan that allowed two killers to escape from behind bars. we have an amazing story. a massive
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there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortununately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your
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family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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kimberly: the search for two killers dragged in the tenth day, the woman at the center of case appeared in court. jonathan: joyce mitchell is accused of helping two men break out of their cells. we have the latest development on the search. >> the woman accused of helping two convicted killers escape a new york prison appeared in court monday. after a change in legal representation, delayed
4:27 pm
proceedings, joyce mitchell walked in the courtroom hands shackled, wearing stripes, said nothing. her lawyer did not enter a plea to either charge against mitchell. one felony count of promoting contraband and a misdemeanor count of criminal facilitation. she allegedly provided david sweat and richard matt with some of the items she used to cut through the walls on the escape june 6. >> she provided hacksaw blades and other contraband to matt and sweat. she was aware of the time frame of the escape. >> the district attorney says mitchell told them she was supposed to pick up sweat and matt and drive them to area seven hours away but never told her where. but she bailed out because she loved her huh and didn't want to do this to him. her husband is also being invictimmed to find out any knowledge he may have had about the escape.
4:28 pm
>> the search for the fugitives will continue in the tenth day. the local schools were open monday but with enhanced police presence. more than 800 law enforcement are following up on hundreds of leads. so far no sight of the two men. jonathan: still ahead at 4:00 -- some high school students could get the chance to take their classes without leaving home. search which state is testing out the online program. >> and a former protest inside a d.c. school. why some teachers took part in a sit-in.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". "7 on your side." kimberly: we need to get back to the weather because some of us could see storms this evening. jonathan: yeah. meteorologist steve rudin has the forecast for us. we're going to get boomers coming through the area? steve: my mistake. kimberly: there he is! steve: this is live television. let's look at what is going on outside right now. we will show you it is sunny out here. looking at alexandria, clouds here and there.
4:32 pm
hey, it's 4:30. sorry, guys. 93 degrees. winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. the heat index is 102. dew point in the lore 70's. look at the temperatures outside. 88 in dulles. 83 in petersburg west virginia. the heat index is whole nother story. 102 for feels-like temperature. 104 in fredericksburg. dew point levels in the 70's. show you what is going on in terms of dep her radar. nothing has become severe. if we see any of these become severe look for gusty winds heavy downpours and lightning. this will be for the next several hours. temperatures fall through the 80's to the 70's overnight. the nighttime low from 70 to 76 degrees. tomorrow another hot and humid day. relief on the way. jonathan: thank you steve. kimberly: d.c. schools starting to wrap it up for the summer.
4:33 pm
some teachers at blue high school say the jobs will not be here next year. jonathan: they say the substitutes will suffer the most and they are staging a sit-in as a result. brianne carter reports. brianne: this is the first year she has taught at the high school in southeast. it will now also be her last. >> it is sad. i made good friends and i have good kids but it's time to move on. you don't have a choice. brianne: morgan says it's because the school is being reconstituted. meaning many of the teachers must reapply for the position. some are let go. others are hoping to come back. morgan, though says she is choosing not to reapply. she says because the teachers were notified so late in the school year, she is now looking for jobs in other jurisdictions. today is a brand new school teacher staged a citizen-in in the -- a sit-in to protest the changes. instead of teaching in classroom, they conducted the lessons around the resconty
4:34 pm
tution and the change that would come -- reconstitution and the changes that would come for many of the teachers not returning. >> the stability is the one thing that the students anded the parents rely on. they come back and the teachers are gone. the teachers union says this has happened before twice at this school and say this would be the largest displacement of staff in the school history. the union wants the chancellor henderson to rescind the decision and sit down with the parents and the teachers to discuss the changes. morgan says she will be okay but her big concern lies with the kids. >> they have been going through the revolving door of teachers and people they have to get to know again and have relationships with again. >> we reached out and we expect to hear back later today. in southeast d.c., brianne carter, abc7 news.
4:35 pm
jonathan: how about this? students in virginia could soon atend high school online. the virginia department of education launching a pilot program this fall to allow students to earn a high school diploma without stepping inside of a real classroom. 100 students will be accepted on a first come basis. if this pilot program is successful, it could be opened up to more students. kimberly: first lady michelle obama across the pond enjoying a week-long trip. right now mrs. obama is in london promoting education initiative for young women around the world. she will meet with the prime minister cameron and his wife and prescription -- prince harry for tea. she is accompanied by her daughters and her mother and they will also visit three italians cities. sounds like an awesome summer trip. at 4:00 we will be joined by a shark expert for his insight following the two shark attacks in north carolina. what should you look out for to stay safe? jonathan: this is a wild scene
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take a carrier store detour at target and upgrade to a shiny new everything. now when you purchase one of these affordable plans get a $100 gift card. all things mobile. all in one place. jonathan: earlier we told you about two teenagerses
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suffering shark attacks in separate attacks. kimberly: we want to get more on the danger that sharks oppose. we're joined by doctor -- you said we could call you "bob." >> bob: absolutely. kimberly: the two attacks on the sail beach in north carolina. ascariases these are they are very -- as scary as they are they are rare bob: right. to the attack of this severity on two people so close in time and space is rare. i can think of only a couple of cases in the last couple of decades we had something like this. this is very difficult for us to jump to conclusions. that maybe this is a rogue shark one shark doing this. there is very little evidence that such things exist. this may have been separate incidents. random events that happened. close together in time. jonathan: there are so many questions to ask. what should the beach-goers do to protect themselves. should they close the beaches as a result of a rogue shark?
4:40 pm
bob: i will emphasize the rogue shark hypothesis something that the movie "jaws" has never been proven by scientific fact or to be a scientific fact. i say it's probably spark for the local officials to do what they have done be cautious and get people out of the water for a while until they assess the situation and make sure there aren't large sharks that we are not aware of that are feeding. they are not there looking for us. people are in the water everybody year by the millions. around the world there are only 72 incidents that happened last year. only three were fatal and none in the country. we have to stay calm but practice smart beach-going safety. that includes perhaps looking at what is going on at this particular beach. kimberly: bob based on what we know so favor, the swimmers were in shallow water. both lost limbs. shark's head described being that big.
4:41 pm
any idea what kind of shark you think it is? bob: i can't see you so i don't know what "that" is. jonathan: size of a bowling ball. kimberly: yeah. bob: that big? kimberly suiters: no. oh wow! bob: this is a jaw from 8.5-foot bull shark. if this was a seriously big animal, it could have been to remove the limbs like this, it might have been like this. we don't really know. other than to just speculate. the first information i have gotten on the shark itself. i would like to hear more from the witnesses. this could have been a five or six-foot black tip shark. two different sharks that did this. bitten down and caused so much damage the doctors had to amputate. but it's more likely based on the severity of the particular wounds -- this is a serious, true attack i think. jonathan: yeah. bob: no both
4:42 pm
cases this was something like a bull shark. we have to conclude that yet. we have to hear what the witnesses have to say. jonathan: in the last 20 seconds, what can the beach goers do? go out in groups? going out alone the shark with mess up to think he is hitting a seal or a fish. bob: this is all a matter of odds. you don't want to attract sharks to your area. don't swim near where people are fishing. you don't want to swim in that area. don't wear shiny jewelry that the sharks could confuse with a fix. don't wear bright colored bathing suits. don't swim if you have open wounds over cuts and you are bleeding in the water. you don't want to be appear to be the bait sharks look for. >> those were great tips. thank you so much for joining us. jonathan: a massive search for hundreds of dangerous animals on the loose overseas.
4:43 pm
this is heart-breaking. kimberly: it is. they escaped in the flooding in the capital. half of the park's 600 animals are missing, lions, crocodiles, bulls and bears. hippo was caught on camera. didn't look dangerous but we know they can be. it was transported to a make smith zoo. jonathan: coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- an impossible dream turns into a reality for a sick father. how he defied the odds and walked his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. kimberly: we are counting down to the official start to summer. just six days to go. stay with us. "abc7 news at 4:00" will be back in a moment.
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kimberly: the clean-up underway after this mess in west philadelphia. a massive water main break turns street to rivers. a pipe ruptured to send water everywhere. it led to the evacuation in the neighborhood and left the damage to the street. a dozen vehicles and some homes.
4:47 pm
jonathan: target is selling the pharmacies and clinics to cvs. they will be reblanded with the new name and operate inside the store. a father walking his daughter down the aisle marked a big moment for a bride's big day. kimberly: when a medical issue gave the chance to share this moment with the daughter, some doctors turned the journey to peerson's reality. we have the incredible story. reporter: andre pearson thought he would never make it to his daughter's wedding. he needed a heart transplant. his kidneys were failing. he had but months to live. then andre got the news he didn't dare believe. his team at the mayo clinic decided to try a surgery they
4:48 pm
had never done before. implanting a left and right van trick lar device -- ventricular device to keep his heart pumping. >> they were going to fly me to california. >> so the night before the wedding he traveled across the country. his daughter had no idea who was at the door. her last wedding wish fulfill ed. [crying] >> it's all right. daddy's here. >> it was a dream. so real. >> on the big day a proud father squeezes the hand of his beautiful daughter and rolls down the aisle. dancing the night away. for abc news news, washington. >> it's all right.
4:49 pm
daddy's here. my gosh. jonathan: heart-breaker. good for him. kimberly: yeah. really happy to see that. jonathan: turn in to "good morning washington" because we are going to give away four tickets to the park. kimberly: a grand prize winner will be selected to win overnight stay at the hershey lodge. just watch "good morning washington" and look for the clue. enter the clue on wjla/facebook. or on the mobile device. good luck. jonathan: you are right. we needed tissues. kimberly: still feel watery. jonathan: a good guy. took a lot of guts. hot, humidities, and sticky. this will be this way until october. >> this is only june everyone. middle of june. i don't mind it.
4:50 pm
the live water bug. rehoboth beach. a beautiful day. people extending their weekend longer. i wonder if i know anyone there. probably! it's warm and hot. we have shower thunderstorms that are beginning to blossom to the west of us. these will move our way or slowly move the way as we head through the dinnertime hour. there will be a few lingering showers. this is 93 at reagan. 83 at dulles. 84 at gaithersburg. the rain and the temperatures cool in western maryland. this feels like a different story. 104 in fredericksburg. 99 in southern maryland. andrews in the upper 90's. the heat index will stay in the high level at least as long as we have the due point
4:51 pm
level. that is what we have out there now. by wednesday, these will fall in the 60's. that is when it will feel drier and more comfortable. the nice dry day only going to last one day. enjoy wednesday. pick of the week. doppler radar, showers and the thunderstorms. nothing is severe. we could see gusty wind and downpour. storms only lasting 20 to 40 minutes in your neighborhood. the future cast looks like this for tomorrow. this is going to drop our temperatures. best chance for a few showers and the thunderstorms in the afternoon hours tomorrow. some may become severe. 93 degrees for a high tomorrow. the temperatures will cool to the upper 80's on wednesday.
4:52 pm
90's next week. kimberly: time for a check of traffic. jamie sullivan? jamie: let's begin in maryland. the baltimore-washington parkway is in the teens. we had an earlier crash but the delays are sticking around. capital beltway, in maryland not terrible. we are seeing the normal slowing. a little slowing heading outside on 395. we have building on the outer loop approaching the wilson bridge. heading outbound on 66 through the fairfax delays. on the beltway. traveling past little river turnpike is continuing closer toward clara barton parkway to maryland, that is where we have more volume in teens. this is traffic in bethesda.
4:53 pm
connecticut avenue, you will see this volume. we had an earlier disabled vehicle on the shoulder. that is now gone. moving to the map let's focus in on the traffic. once you get through the stretch, not too bad. dry roads. that is nice for the commute. a look at traffic. back to you. kimberly: thank you. jonathan: coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- an alert for those thinking about buying
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4:56 pm
jonathan: in consumer news we have a warning about thieves targeting people looking to buy campers in warm weather months. kimberly: they can be expensive. consumer reporter john matarese shows us what to watch out for so you don't waste your money. john: thousands of people in d.c. plan to go camping. many will be renting or buying a camper. if so you need to know about a camper scam that almost cost one woman $2000.
4:57 pm
elizabeth brown loves nature. >> do you see the kitchen? john: he is wanted to buy a camper for summer trips with little gracie and her family. >> i went to craigslist and i found a used camper for sale. john: ze thought she found a perfect one, used 2005 model for $2000. >> beautiful pictures. looks like a great camper and a great deal. john: if you are looking for a used camper really nothing beats craigslist. you will find dozens for sale in every area. but buyer beware. the seller said the camper is three states away so she wanted to reserve it send money through ebay. >> they wanted me to get a paypal cash card from family dollar and send them confirmation numbers. once they received that, they would send me the camper. john: the next e-mail appeared to come from ebay but she was confused. since when did craigslist and ebay work together? the hunch is correct. this is the latest version of the fake ad scam.
4:58 pm
campers repost a legitimate ad and get people to wire cash or the prepaid credit card for a camper that doesn't exist. elizabeth is glad she got suspicious. >> it can happen to anybody. john: the search for gracie's camper goes on. remember, whether it's a car truck, bolt or camper never send cash. if you haven't seen it personally. so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. jonathan: despite two near deadly shark attacks in north carolina, what our local beach-goers should know to stay safe at the shore. >> my kids are out there. scary. >> naacp official looks to end her racial identity crisis officials here in washington d.c. react. >> it's important to focus on not reality tv. >> why they say her problems are not theirs. we will take you to a town so popular the police had to say sorry, we're pleased.
4:59 pm
>> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". "7 on your side." >> first, a hot and muggy day threatening to bring in storms from the area. kimberly: steve rudin has the latest. steve: it is hot and humid. there are showers and thunderstorms blossoming to the north and west of d.c. look at the temperatures. 93 degrees in reagan national. 88 at dulles. feels-like temperature make it feel hotter than that. closer to 100 degrees. fredericksburg, feels like 106. scouting the sky with the doppler radar. the capital beltway is dry. this is where we are looking to the heavier downpour. now beginning to move in and this is moving east. it will move in montgomery county and fredericks county in the next 45-60 minutes. be prepared for the heavier
5:00 pm
downpours and the lightning. along with the gusty winds. but nothing warned on right now. the hour-by-hour forecast. 7:00 tonight, still at 90 degrees. we will see the temperatures fall to 80 by 11:00. the nighttime lows in the 70's. another hot and humid day tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms on the way. cooler temperatures and i'll tell you when. jonathan: there is concern after a pair of shark attacks on the north carolina beach. where? oak island. south carolina. if you go to map it's pretty far down the coast to get to south carolina. it happened in north carolina. at this hour there are warning posted along the beach. increased patrols from the land and from the air looking for any dark object whether be a shark. but everyone is still allowed in the water. this started act 4:00 yesterday afternoon. a shark attacked a 12-year-old girl. less


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